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Return Policy

Returns & Exchange Service

1. Within 7 days beginning from thenext day after receiving products (including days off), this period is for youto examine, observe, compare and consider if you want to keep this order. Whenreturning goods (by the return process), please keep the packages and goodsintact. Thus, we could guarantee your right to return goods. Also, when you useour return services, you would need to bear the delivery fee.


2. Notice for returns: The goodsthat you want to return should be reverted to their original status, whichshould be the status when you just received goods, including machines,accessories, inner and outer packaging, documents, giveaways, etc.


3. The following situations mightaffect your right to return goods:


* You have chances to try productsdue to samples attached to products or the trial version of audio and visualproducts before receiving a copy.


* Under situations that won’taffect you to check goods, but the packaging of goods, seals, stickers, tags,labels, etc. are damaged or removed.


*Before you receive goods, you havehad the chance to check goods.


*Due to other situations that gobeyond essential examinations or reasons that could be attributed to you, thegoods get damaged, destroyed, or replaced.


* According to “The Regulations onReasonable Matters as Exceptions to Rescind the Distance Sales“ promulgated bythe Executive Yuan, the six types of goods and services that the Regulationsare not applicable to have been listed below.


1. Easy to rot, have shorterexpiration, or about to expire when the contract gets terminated.

2. Customized due to consumers’requirements.

3. Print media, such as news,magazines, etc.

4. Audio and visual goods opened oractivated by consumers.

5. Digital content and softwareoffered by virtual media or online services that are accomplished onceprovided.

6. Personal hygiene products thathave been unpacked.

 4.If you have achieved paper receipts or e-receipts that have passed the date ofbusiness tax returns, please return them with goods. After the process is done,our customer service will contact you for relevant events about returns. (E.g.,Receipts dealing events or sales allowances)


5.Please pack the returned goods with boxes used by the delivering firm. If theoriginal ones were lost, please use other boxes to pack the goods. Do not pastepapers or write on the original packaging of the goods. If the originalpackaging gets damaged, the return will not be accepted or the cost would bededucted from the refund.


6.When you file to return goods, please ask delivery men for receipts, and keepthem until the return process is done. Therefore, you could inquire about theinformation if needed in the future.


7.If you file to return goods due to personal preferences or other factors, whichare not caused by flaws, you have to send back the goods and pay the deliveryfee yourself.

 8.At present, only Taiwan (including outlying islands) is open for shopping, and we look forward to expanding the scope of services to more overseas countries in the future.